Set Up Your Favourite Safari Getaway This Afternoon And View Wild Animals Roaming Free In Africa

buying a game farm in south africaIn Africa there is an unlimited array of life that roams free into the glorious natural light of Africa. Packs of painted dogs, crashes of rhinos, cheetah coalitions – a complete variety of different groupings of animals live in Africa. After your thrilling game drives you can loosen up in comfort at a great number of game lodges and safari getaways in quite a few lands which includes Namibia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Strongholds of nature, these countries are proud of their natural traditions and sharing it with holidaymakers from everywhere in the planet who go to their countries. The abundant sunny days and genuine laughs welcome folks into the warm embrace of Africa.

Many vacationers make listings of “Animals to See on Safari.” Topping many of these lists is the Big Five. Do you know what they are? It is considered the rhino, leopard, lion, elephant and buffalo. Big game hunters termed them the Big 5 because they are the five most troublesome animals to hunt when walking. Sooner or later tour operators took on the term for their safari visits. Some of the Big 5 members even used to roam through North America and Europe centuries back, but were wiped out and are currently only found in Africa and parts of Asia. A few Big 5 destinations include South Africa, Kenya and Botswana.

Cat companions are in for a treat when they go on safari, considering that you can get so many different groups to look for. Firstly there is the dazzling and fabulous cheetah to look out for. Should those going on a game drive see them in the middle of a chase they will be in for a real treat, watching this animal accelerate and run. It is distressing to find out that these cats are at risk, because of poaching and habitat loss. Other night time cats include the Black-footed cat, the Golden cat, the Sand cat and the African wild cat. The African Wildcat can be found right through Africa, with the exception of the Sahara and rainforest districts. The African golden cat employs the “stalk and rush” approach when hunting. Sand cats are brilliant at digging burrows, which allows them to catch animals and shelters them from the sun. Black-footed kittens grow to be self-sufficient after approximately five months. They like spacious and sandy regions with sparse plant life.

One thing is for sure, when you are on a game drive you are going to see a buck because they are abundant. These are abounding and you may bump into species such as bontebok, gemsbok and waterbuck. And that is not even all of it. There are a few more strong favourites among the key mammals, which are the zebra, hippo and giraffe. There are also smaller mammals – herbivores, omnivores and insectivores – to keep an eye out for on safari such as dassies, hares, genets, civets and warthogs. Catch a peek of an animal whose habits truly mimics our own when you see primates roaming free, like the Eastern lowland gorilla, the Grey-Cheeked Mangabey and the Red-tail monkey. During night drives pay attention to the hyena’s chuckle or the lion’s roar. Remember: home ranges vary for all these different animals, so do your planning prior to going, if you are determined on seeing a type of animal.

Bird lovers will find much to please them as they search for white-fronted plovers, ostriches, green pigeons, kori bustards and lilac breasted rollers. What is more, if you are geared towards reptiles you could come across the spotted thick toed gecko, the spotted bush snake or the white throated monitor. Do not fret about these creepies running into your sack, as there are many luxury options for overnight safari guests. No matter what you choose, you can bet that it will be a completely cutting edge and wild holiday!

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