Kalahari Safari

africa tourism videogvi wildlife research south africa – http://Sugarcraft.Wordpress.com/your-queries/. People from all over the world know that an African safari in South Africa is unequalled by anything else in the world.
One company that has dedicated itself to bring the magic of the Kalahari to its clients is Kalahari Outventures. They pride themselves on the fact that they truly cater for the authentic adventure seeker’s adventurous heart. With Kalahari Outventure’s Kalahari adventure visitors will have the unbridled opportunity to enjoy an untainted part of South Africa’s true natural beauty.

Their Backroads Safari was designed in particular with the discerning traveller and backpacker in mind. Guests are in for an adventure of a lifetime as the trip starts out with a drive through the desert to the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park after orientation.
Guests will overnight at Nossob or Mata-Mata after an afternoon game drive though Nossob.

There are plenty of other adventures offered by Kalahari Outventures which may appeal to different people’s sense of adventure, but their Kalahari Safari has shown to be consistently popular among guests and visitors from all aspects of life. Showing people rarely experienced parts of South Africa and allowing them to bask in the joy of connecting with nature, Kalahari Outventures presents many with this once in a lifetime gift.

Other adventures include Orange River rafting and Orange River fly fishing, which has also proved to be very popular among a large proportion of the clientele. Considered for a long time to be one of the finest male bonding rituals, the fishing is further accentuated by adding the legendary Orange River into the mix to get the heart racing fahad game reserve south africa and the blood pumping.

Kalahari Outventures has a dedicated and industry professional and experienced team at the ready that are passionate about what they do. Visit their user friendly website for photos of past adventures and about how you can go about booking your Kalahari Safari adventure next!


Set Up Your Favourite Safari Getaway This Afternoon And View Wild Animals Roaming Free In Africa

buying a game farm in south africaIn Africa there is an unlimited array of life that roams free into the glorious natural light of Africa. Packs of painted dogs, crashes of rhinos, cheetah coalitions – a complete variety of different groupings of animals live in Africa. After your thrilling game drives you can loosen up in comfort at a great number of game lodges and safari getaways in quite a few lands which includes Namibia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Strongholds of nature, these countries are proud of their natural traditions and sharing it with holidaymakers from everywhere in the planet who go to their countries. The abundant sunny days and genuine laughs welcome folks into the warm embrace of Africa.

Many vacationers make listings of “Animals to See on Safari.” Topping many of these lists is the Big Five. Do you know what they are? It is considered the rhino, leopard, lion, elephant and buffalo. Big game hunters termed them the Big 5 because they are the five most troublesome animals to hunt when walking. Sooner or later tour operators took on the term for their safari visits. Some of the Big 5 members even used to roam through North America and Europe centuries back, but were wiped out and are currently only found in Africa and parts of Asia. A few Big 5 destinations include South Africa, Kenya and Botswana.

Cat companions are in for a treat when they go on safari, considering that you can get so many different groups to look for. Firstly there is the dazzling and fabulous cheetah to look out for. Should those going on a game drive see them in the middle of a chase they will be in for a real treat, watching this animal accelerate and run. It is distressing to find out that these cats are at risk, because of poaching and habitat loss. Other night time cats include the Black-footed cat, the Golden cat, the Sand cat and the African wild cat. The African Wildcat can be found right through Africa, with the exception of the Sahara and rainforest districts. The African golden cat employs the “stalk and rush” approach when hunting. Sand cats are brilliant at digging burrows, which allows them to catch animals and shelters them from the sun. Black-footed kittens grow to be self-sufficient after approximately five months. They like spacious and sandy regions with sparse plant life.

One thing is for sure, when you are on a game drive you are going to see a buck because they are abundant. These are abounding and you may bump into species such as bontebok, gemsbok and waterbuck. And that is not even all of it. There are a few more strong favourites among the key mammals, which are the zebra, hippo and giraffe. There are also smaller mammals – herbivores, omnivores and insectivores – to keep an eye out for on safari such as dassies, hares, genets, civets and warthogs. Catch a peek of an animal whose habits truly mimics our own when you see primates roaming free, like the Eastern lowland gorilla, the Grey-Cheeked Mangabey and the Red-tail monkey. During night drives pay attention to the hyena’s chuckle or the lion’s roar. Remember: home ranges vary for all these different animals, so do your planning prior to going, if you are determined on seeing a type of animal.

Bird lovers will find much to please them as they search for white-fronted plovers, ostriches, green pigeons, kori bustards and lilac breasted rollers. What is more, if you are geared towards reptiles you could come across the spotted thick toed gecko, the spotted bush snake or the white throated monitor. Do not fret about these creepies running into your sack, as there are many luxury options for overnight safari guests. No matter what you choose, you can bet that it will be a completely cutting edge and wild holiday!

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Botswana Safari

Botswana is an important nation which lies in the centre of Southern Africa. More than 70% of Botswana is occupied by Kalahari Deserts. Botswana is among the top 10 global tourist destinations for safari. If you are planning a trip to Botswana and enjoy Botswana Tour, you can book the tickets for Livingston Airport. Desert Safaris are a very interesting and adventurous rhino poaching in south africa 2013 option for the tourists in Botswana. There are enormous tourist operators concentrating specifically on desert tours in Botswana. In Botswana Safaris you can have the service of four wheel drives and professional safari guides. Cars like Land Cruisers are specially designed for this purpose. There are highly trained drivers and guides to accompany you on your Botswana Safaris. They are highly paid taking into account the risks involved in this job.

Like desert Safaris, This Safari is equally adventurous to add to your memories of wild life exploration. You can stay in tents with all modern day facilities like flush toilets, showers, fan etc. Major areas chosen for these tours are wilderness. Most of the trips provide you with meals and laundry facilities. Unlike any other trip, you will enjoy the natural greenery and wonderful experience with wild animals of Botswana in your Tour.

There are various modes of transport that you can experience on a Botswana Safari which are provided by various tourist operators. These vary from four wheel drives to horseback and even elephant safaris, where you will be accompanied by guides who are highly trained experts in their field. Whichever transport you decide upon, each one is especially designed to provide to you with a wonderful adventure.

There are many places of interest that you may like to visit. Most of the tour operators will try their level best to show you the real beauty of Botswana. You can take a trip through the Okavango Delta channels where you will be aided by the experts who will ensure that you are given a safe experience while passing through the water ways and canoes. You can travel through the Chobe National Park which has areas of lush vegetation and floodplains and dense forests and grasslands. You can also visit the famous Victoria Falls with its magnificent cascade of waterfalls. The accommodation varies from the plain and simple tented campsites to the more luxurious valley lodges all of which are right in the heart of Botswana.

A Botswana safari can also mean going out on a big game safari. Botswana has many different animals ranging from lions to elephants, and choosing the right type of big game safari can be an intensely rewarding experience. You can find Botswana safaris for all sorts of budgets and tastes so you can obtain exactly what you want for the price you want. You can choose from general itineraries or seek out tailor-made adventures that can take you to specific corners of the region in order to get the most out of your safari. Overland adventures are also extremely popular due to their longer stretches, seeing more of the wilderness, from Victoria Falls to the heart of the Kalahari.

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Select Your Ultimate Safari Travel Straight Away And Take A Look At Wild Animals Running Around.

Africa – home to a profusion of natural life; where wild animals wander free over savannahs and grasslands. Herds of buffalo, migrations of wildebeest, prides of lions – the prospects of exactly what you may see are endless. Many nature and game reserves supply day trips for safaris, but you can likewise book lodging at a multitude of lodges and safari resorts. These countries are some of the final places in the world to see free-roaming wildlife in such bountiful abundance. To welcome you on your holiday are the incredible persons, who are nice, friendly and inviting.

tranquility lodge south africaHolidaymakers often decide on the country they want to tour to based on the wild animals they want to see. A lot of people hope to find the Big 5. What are the Big Five? The group is made up of the African elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo. It was hunters that gave the group this name, for the reason that they found these animals challenging to hunt. Eventually tour workers took on the term for their safari tours. luxury Safari Asia Some of the Big 5 members even used to roam through North America and Europe centuries back, but were wiped out and are today only found in Africa and parts of Asia. In Africa, your best option to see this group is in countries in the southern and eastern parts of the continent.

Cat followers are in for a reward when they go on safari, given that you can get a wide variety of groups to look for. First off there is the dazzling and stunning cheetah to look out for. Should those going on a game drive see them in the middle of a chase they will be in for a real treat, keeping an eye on this animal speed up and run. It is depressing to find out that these cats are at risk, because of poaching and habitat elimination. Based on where you are – and on the time of day – you could see African wild cats, golden cats, sand cats and black-footed cats. African wildcats mate from July through to January. The African golden cat makes use of the “stalk and rush” method when hunting. Subspecies of the sand cat can be found in the deserts of Northern Africa. Black-footed kittens become self-sufficient after roughly five months. They like spacious and sandy regions with sparse vegetation.

One of the first things you are most likely to see on your safari is an antelope. These are considerable and you may come across species such as bontebok, gemsbok and waterbuck. And that is not even all of it. Let us not forget some of the big, herbivorous mammals that stroll free in Africa like the zebra, hippopotamus and giraffe and, in the Horn of Africa: the camel. Smaller mammals you may see, determined by where you are, are the pangolin, the porcupine, the hedgehog and the Scrub hare. You’ll want to monkey about on your retreat and perhaps see some too, as well as other primates like the Rondo dwarf galago, Roloway monkey and Tana River red colobus. During night drives listen to the hyena’s chuckle or the lion’s roar. Keep in mind that all these animals have different habits and environments, so if you have a desired favourite be sure you do your research so that you know exactly where to go and at what time to look for them.

This is not all that you will see. Remember, there are also numerous classes of other fauna to see in Africa incorporating reptiles like crocodiles, snakes and geckos; birds such as eagles and rodents like squirrels and mice. Another thing to keep in mind is that Madagascar, although a standalone island, is part of Africa and here you will find a profusion of wildlife, 80% of which is found nowhere else on Earth. One of the terrific, and endemic, animals you will find here are lemurs; examples of these are Ring-tailed lemurs, Golden-crowned sifakas, Coquerel sifakas, Black lemurs and Verreaux’s sifakas. And to think that we have not even covered sea animals – so you can see how much lives here and relies on Africa for a home.

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Discover The Richness of Africa’s Nature on an Exciting Safari Uganda is the ideal location for an.

lodge africa jobsDiscover The Richness of Africa’s Nature on an Exciting Safari Uganda is the ideal location for an Africa Safari, as the country is safe, the people are friendly, and the vast wilderness offers many adventures.
There is an abundance of fantastic accommodations, as well to suit the needs of each tourist.
Once in Africa, every traveler must make a safari in a national park. The pristine nature, peace and the unusual wildlife make such an adventurous journey an unforgettable experience. Uganda is particularly well-known for its mountain gorillas. However, bird watchers and butterfly enthusiasts can encounter an extremely rich bio-diversity in Uganda, too.

Uganda harbors ten fabulous national parks, and almost all of them are situated in the western part of the country. Yet, each of them has its peculiarities, but they are all awaiting visitors to show them their wonderful nature.
The three largest reserves are also the oldest. They own their origin to the sleeping sickness, which was transmitted through the tsetse fly. Due to the strong emerge of the illness in the 20th century, a vast area of the parks had to be evacuated for several decades.

During this time, the animal population and plants were developing undisturbed. Fifty years ago, the regions were declared national parks. The seven other nature reserves have been established for ecological reasons. These are in fact areas that are home to the drinking water supply; thus, quality is extremely essential.

Many tourists begin their Africa safari at the largest national reserve, the Murchison Falls National Park. Here, awaits guests everything they associate with Africa like lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants, crocodiles, hippos and many other wild animals.

About 80 species of mammals and over 400 bird species live african animals coloring here in a breathtaking landscape.
The scenic highlights in this region are the Murchison Falls. Here, the already 50 feet wide White Nile forces itself by a rocky isthmus of only 4 feet, and it falls intoa number of steps 43 feet into the depth.
Real Africa offers African safari holidays, Honeymoons & private tours to Eastern & Southern Africa. We offer private vehicles & guides for African safari, safari holidays in Africa, safari holidays & African safari holiday. For More Information: website Safari

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African Safaris

A South Africa safari in any of these parks or a few combined will be an adventure to remember for life. It is more westernized and has a huge urban population along with miles and miles of wilderness and varied animal habitat. South Africa is one of the most developed countries of Africa. are few of famous national parks of South Africa. Kruger National Park, Addo Elepahant National park, Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site, West Coast National Park, Mountain Zebra National Park, Karoo National Park etc.

In South Africa there is the Cape Cobra, the Forest Cobra, and the Black Sitting Cobra as well as the Snouted Cobra, and even the Mozambique Spitting Cobra is now found there. Another family of snakes calls South Africa its home, the Cobra family. Other snakes to watch out for and to keep away from are the Vine Snake, Green Mamba, and the Gaboon Adder. See all 15 photos Black Spitting Cobra Snouted Cobra Other Venomous Snakes In South AfricaMost victims on vacation to South Africa whom are bitten by a snake will of been bitten by the Puff Adder. The spitting cobras venom is not usually strong enough to kill a human, but the ‘spit’ will permanently blind a person if it gets into the eyes. The Cobra Snake family is the most feared family in the world.

· Relax in a hammock in the harmony of the wilderness. Blending home comforts with the indigenous style and grace of the African outback, at Kruger National Park Lodges – be it in a chalet, hut, or on even camping and ‘caravanning’ grounds – the intimacy and curiosities of the African wilderness are sure to tug at your heart strings. · Tuck into exquisite African cuisine. · Spend time with your travel companions (and maybe new friends) around a camp fire. · Take a micro-light flight, helicopter flip or hot air balloon ride to get a bird’s eye view of the many Kruger National Park lodges and their surrounding beauty.

For a luxury safari in South Africa whether you choose Malaria Free or not, there are exceptional parks in which to safari. There are the Kruger private reserves requiring a short flight from Nelspruit, the Madikwe a few hours flight from Johannesburg or you can travel by car to Addo Elephant Park, Shamwari and Kwandwe which are located at the end of the Garden Route.

Comre Safaris, a company in South Africa that organizes licensed hunts, said the number of animals killed by Jones fell within a quota set by the country’s wildlife department. President Theodore Roosevelt, a hunter and conservationist. Jones defended her actions, saying in a Facebook post she took inspiration from former U. For some folks, they’ll never understand. we were born that way. God Bless Teddy,” Jones said. “How can it be possible that someone can love the earth, and take from the earth in the name of conservation?

It is advisable to start your South African Safari by meandering through the beautiful Winelands and onto the famous Whale Coast. Taking a Botswana African Safari tour will give you one of the most wonderful experiences as this safari is one of the more intimate safaris you will ever find. African continent has lots of options for the fun loving as well as adventurous vacationers which can be enjoyed by exploring the wild life through safari holiday in Africa. You can go on foot or take a canoe, allowing you to see some of the wildlife here much closer than any other safari. The tour providers have consultants and experts to provide latest information about all the destinations of tourist interest in Africa to make the safari holiday in Africa a memorable event.

do not go into areas you know nothing about. However, a word of warning from those who have made it a lifelong passion to visit this country on many occasions. Kruger National ParkIf it’s wildlife you want to see on a South African safari then Kruger National Park is perfect.

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When choosing among the many options, it is good that you go for the best in terms of keeping you and your children entertained and comfortable throughout your stay in Africa. It is not just a safari meant for fun but it is also very educative especially for the children. Family safaris: they are well cut to suit every member of the family including children.

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Thekkady Honeymoon Packages For Romantic Couple

pink leopard south africaOther animals include the leopard, the mighty lion, elephants, crocodiles can be seen swimming in the Ewaso Nyiro River along with the hippo. As the Samburu people are pastoralists, domestic animals such as goats, cattle and camels can be spotted within the Reserve’s boundaries. Samburu National Reserve is a top tourist destination and there is plenty to see and do as far as wildlife is concerned. The most unique of them all is the Gerenuk or antelope giraffe, distinguished by its extraordinarily distended neck and freakishly small head. It also possesses a unique manner of feeding, standing near-erect on its hind legs to stretch two metres above the ground and nibble on the leaves that other browsers can’t reach. The area is inhabited by a wide variety of animals, more so the rare species such as the long- necked gerenuk, gravy’s zebra skin rugs south africa, reticulated giraffe and Beisa oryz.

The Wild Coast is an untamed area of the country which has fantastic beaches, rugged coastline, hills and valleys. It is also dubbed as a bird watcher’s paradise. One should enjoy activities like snorkeling and diving in the beautiful ocean. The area is rich in wildlife and nature lovers will thoroughly enjoy it.

An Africa safari is a great way to disconnect from a stressful city life, escaping the 9 to 5 and the stresses and strains of work. If you’re looking for a life changing experience then I can think of nothing greater than exploring Africa’s best game spotting destinations.

They found that Africa lost an average of seven per cent of its entire elephant population each year. A study conducted by a team at Colorado State University suggested up to 100,000 elephants were killed between 2010 and 2012 because of the illegal poaching trade. Elephant births boost numbers by about five per cent each year, meaning more are being killed than are being born.

Whether you as a potential African Safari seeker appreciates these facts, is another matter all together. It certainly depends on how much information you have come across about Tanzania as a holiday destination.

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Preventing your credit card from being skimmed is easy: don’t use it. For travellers in southern Africa, cash is king.

Day 4: Masai Mara – Lake Nakuru
After breakfast depart Masai Mara for Nakuru to arrive in the late evening for dinner and overnight at a campsite with lunch en-route. Depending on the time you depart from Masai Mara, you can get here in time to do a short game drive so that Day 05, you depart early morning for Amboseli via Nairobi.

It is not just the pomp of modernisation that is covered, however. Stephen Shore, whose work also features, was concerned with the vernacular, photographing American suburban communities during the 1960s and ’70s. “But [Shore] elevated it and made it feel beautiful,” explains Pardo.

It has remarkable sites like Table Mountains, Century City or Company Gardens for sightseers, shopping streets namely The Long Street for shopaholics, uber-cool night-clubs for party animals and gourmet eateries for epicureans. Cape Town has a making of an ultimate city break holiday destination. In a nutshell, Cape Town has nothing to dismay the high spirits of travellers booking cheap tickets to South Africa. The spectacle of riveting Victorian and Edwardian architecture rubbing shoulders with scintillating skyscrapers, all-time smiling denizens, and the invigorating art and cultural performances mesmerize one to the hilt. Johannesburg
Another superb offering of South Africa, Johannesburg is infused with blithe ambience and pulsates with undying enthusiasm.

With the cool air of evening taking over from the blistering heat of the day, many predators become more active at this time. With the shadow of darkness and often under moonlit skies the hunters certainly have the upper hand. Created on 14 Sep 2013
IMMINENT – Nightfall
African Beauty See all 6 photos Darkness on the African savannah and in the forests is the time that many animals lower down in the food chain don’t relish, but it’s part of life – their life hangs in the balance every single night, and they have to use all skills to stay alive.

Unsurpassed in biological diversity, Kruger National Park is also home to South Africa’s “Big Five” – animals that tourists and conservationists from around the world flock to South Africa to see. Companies like Nyati Safari offer travelers the guarantee of being able to enter the park and their safari packages, in addition to bushwalks around the Nyati safari grounds, include an additional full day in Kruger National Park. Visitation to the park, however, is highly regulated. What follows is as breathtaking an experience as can be imagined. During the “Big Five” game drive through the bushland in open-top Jeeps – a privilege only granted to a limited number of tourist agencies – passengers can enjoy breakfast as the sun rises over the bushland.

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